Nurse Low Vigor Trees Back to Health

Nurse Low Vigor Trees Back to Health

Ask about root fertilization in the Billings or Red Lodge, MT area

If your trees are sick or in decline, there's still hope. The experts at Yellowstone Valley Tree Surgeons can diagnose the issue and prescribe treatments. Residents in Billings and Red Lodge, MT and Yellowstone County turn to our team for professional plant health care. We'll do everything we can to help your trees thrive.

Don't wait until it's too late to save your trees. Call 406-656-5810 now to schedule plant health care services in Billings or Red Lodge, MT.

What can we do for your trees?

Nursing a tree back to health is often a multi-step process. Some of the services we offer for your sick tree include:

  • Root fertilization - we use organic root fertilization products that will help your tree absorb micro and macro nutrients and enhance the depleted soils in this area.
  • Insect management - we'll get rid of insects that weaken or kill your tree.
  • Disease management - we'll treat diseases that are making your tree sick.
  • Cultural remedies - we can recommend adjusting water quantities, mulching, aeration, and other options. Sometimes, this is the only solution needed to improve tree health.

All of these mitigation options reduce the risk of having to remove the tree completely.