Man with large chainsaw cutting log

Safely Remove Unwanted Trees & Stumps


Is your home completely blocked by a fallen tree? Is one of your trees looking dangerous? Don’t risk damage to your family, home, cars or other property. Hire Yellowstone Valley Tree Surgeons for expert tree removal and stump removal in Billings, MT. We’ll get dangerous trees off your property in no time.

Tree removal involves skilled use of ropes and lowering devices to remove trees without damaging your property or injuring workers. You need precise calculations and professional equipment. Our team takes a surgical approach to remove everything down to the roots. Call 406-656-5810 now for more information.

Warning signs that your tree may fall soon

If you can remove a tree before it falls, your family and property will be safer. Unfortunately, lives are lost and properties are destroyed when trees fall. Here are some signs that your tree is in danger of falling soon:

After we remove the tree, we can do stump removal, too. Then you can plant lawn or other plants in the same area so your property will still look great.